Monday, June 14, 2010


It finally hit me like I knew it eventually would. I got my official plane ticket today and am leaving a day earlier than I thought. My packing is... well.. going. Checked in bags pretty much done now I just need to figure out to do with the rest of my room, shoot.

I'm starting to feel much more anxious/ sad than anything at this point. Sad to leave my fantastic friends and family, but I will be back! Starting to try and figure out already what I want to do when I get back, where to go to school (really?) and such. Maybe try northern Cali or Oregon depending on tuition rates.

Trying to figure this "after" stuff out helps to ground me and let me know that I WILL be back. Not that I have to, if I absolutely love what I'm doing, I have the option to stay and continue. This is also interesting to me because I would love to love my job. So we will see what really happens. I'll find out soon enough!

Well here we go. 8 days till a 13 hour flight. wowza.


  1. Best of luck, Tara! I can't wait to read all about your new adventure! Bon Voyage!

  2. Tara,
    Safe travels! How very exciting. I will be following your blog! I am so interested to see what you experience.

    So proud of you! Mrs. Geier (Barb)