Sunday, June 6, 2010


So here I am sitting at work, still trying to comprehend this move. As of now, I am definitely feeling more nervous than anything. Have heard only good things about Shanghai and I know this will be a great experience.. However it is a huge change..

Unfortnately it hasn't hit yet and I am getting worried it won't until I'm at the airport. The last few weeks I have been camping, kayaking and really enjoying the So Cal life and outdoors. Just yesterday I started to pack and get clothes organized (sell, give and keep), post car and furniture items to sell and get storage situated. Even with all this and my room being a giant mess, it still isn't hitting. Tomorrow I am going into the embassy to get a work visa, maybe this will help.

I have a few more adventures planned before I leave: Vegas, the Channel Islands and chilling at the beach. I'm looking forward to these and hope time doesn't move too quickly.

2.75 weeks. Wow.

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