Tuesday, September 21, 2010


As summer winds down and melts into fall, although it's cooling off in the U.S., it still feels like an August day in Orlando out here in Shanghai.

The mid-autumn festival is upon us out here in China. Through a quick search on Wikipedia, I found out that this is a holiday where traditionally families gather to admire the full harvest moon and eat mooncakes. I don't quite understand, however I will say that I am quite enjoying the vouchers work gave us for these mooncakes from Haagen- Dazs! I picked up my package of treats today which contained: 2 small tubs of ice cream, 2 chocolate covered bars and a mooncake shaped ice cream with a white chocolate coating. Delicious.

These are traditional mooncakes which come with a variety of fillings: pork to coffee to blueberry flavored.

Along with autumn comes Fashion Week. I have been especially interested in it this year because of the shopping opportunities (mostly fake for my budget..) in China. At the fabric markets you can have anything made for you, so how great would it be to get some quintessential pieces for this year tailored especially for you?! I have been doing my research and really looking forward to the fall/winter looks in muted/earthy color palates:

Skinnies have quickly become one of my favorite staples of a wardrobe and I am very happy
they are continuing on into the fall/winter season. Those bangles and booties are also stunning.

It seems as if anything over the knee (boots/socks) is also a trend
for this year. I love the textures, colors and laid back feel of this outfit put together by H&M.
Couldn't resist putting it up. There are many H&M out here so I'm looking forward to raiding their fall/winter looks!

Sweaters, boots and scarves always call my name this time of year as I tend to dress rush seasonal wear. For example: when it's 90+ outside and I have a sweater in tow anxious for the opportunity to wear it in the subway. This chunky sweater has that great boyfriend style. Pair with a belt, dark wash skinny jeans and either tall boots or just booties- perfect! Just need a boys wardrobe to raid now (shorts/shirts, sweaters)... Just be careful with this please and don't overdo it. If you choose one boy item glam it up with a girly/fitted/patterned top or bottom.
Anyhow, during my research of this years trends I also came across an interesting one that is very popular in Shanghai. I had no idea this was an actual trend, just thought it was a Chinese thing maybe? But here it is in all its glory... fancy socks with heels...

My all time favorite accessory? Nail polish. It's cheap, easy to change up and removable. Essie's new fall collection is hot. I'm especially in love with this color: Sew Psyched. A grayish green which is unique and accents fall/winter colors perfectly!

I'm trying to write a bit less and do more showing of Shanghai. It's a work in progress, I vow to start taking my camera with me more often to have photos to share :-)

Monday, September 13, 2010

Shanghainese Ramblings

A few random things that I have learned while living in Shanghai the past 2.5 months:

1. You can get ANY kind of food including personal favorite CJ's Chicago style pizza. This isn't even found in Los Angeles!

2. There is a seperate bike/scooter lane alongside most roads, but always, always look both ways when crossing the street. Even if it says walk... you may get hit by a bus/taxi/scooter..etc.

3. Speaking of scooters, you can also fit anything on them: families of up to 4, large dogs, propane tanks, doors, windows and more!

4. I never believed it, but yes! Whole birds (including heads) can be dried, preserved, put in a bag and sold in your local food store.

Mom- you won't like this one...

5. Midnight runs are the most exhilarating and refreshing that I have experienced. The air has cooled for the day, and if you run alongside the biking lane it's not busy and safe!
I have learned so much from this city. There will be more updates on this later on.

This photo was taken by Jenny (who also captured bird in a bag and propane scooter) while we were in Hangzhou. I'm just obsessed with it, this picture has such great character. It was taken while shopping in the market street. Love, love it Jenny!

And finally a quick fall fashion update from the Orient: denim print legging pants, flannel shirts and flow-y, flowery tops are all the rage. The best store for all your flannel needs? UNIQLO.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Long Time

So took a 'lil blogging hiatus... but am back now :-)

What has been going on this past month one may ask? Well let's see. Went to Hangzhou, booked flights to Thailand (January) as well as Vietnam (October), friend and family booked flights to visit me over Christmas (sooo excited to see familiar faces!!!), moved into a new apartment, took my first Shanghai shopping spree and learning new words, finding quirks in myself and others and understanding the culture I have been immersed in little by little.

I am very much looking forward to the opportunity that I have coming up in a month to visit Vietnam with friends. It will be amazing to have the chance to see more of Southeast Asia, then again to Thailand in mid-January. Vietnam trip is pretty much all set (thanks Jenny!!!), boat cruise up through Halong Bay, hotel stays in Hanoi. Although I think we're getting ahead of ourselves... speaking of traveling, I was just in Hangzhou two weeks ago!

It was so great to get out of the hustle and bustle of the big city Shanghai. Hangzhou is a beautiful and intensely green city with lakes, lush green grasses/trees/shrubbery, pagodas, temples, giant lily pads, babbling brooks, street markets and welcoming residents. My friend Jenny and I took the train there and back, only an hour and half- not bad! We decided to go for two days and spent the night at a cute hostel across the street from the lake and tucked back off a driveway surrounded by tangled trees. Unfortunately my camera ran out of batteries... but here is just a taste of Hangzhou thanks to Jenny's camera!

I also have moved. As much as I loved my little old Chinese lane house style apartment, neighbors who were older and always trying to tell me something in Chinese, and the beautiful tree lined street... I decided that moving in with friends, the chance to save more money and to be a touch closer to work was worth it. This new place is just about as opposite as one can get. I am in a large complex comprised of 4 buildings, on the 28th floor and it's near a busy intersection. This means as I'm typing at 12:05am, there is a lot of traffic noise. But the place is newer, has an oven (yay!), not to mention a kitchen that can fit more than one person in and a patio overlooking the crazy city lights and traffic. As pictures are taken you can bet they will be posted!

In case you were wondering, it is still quite steamy outside. Especially for it being September.. but slowly things are cooling down. It's only a high of 87 tomorrow!

Well it's a short but sweet-I will update again soon.