Monday, September 13, 2010

Shanghainese Ramblings

A few random things that I have learned while living in Shanghai the past 2.5 months:

1. You can get ANY kind of food including personal favorite CJ's Chicago style pizza. This isn't even found in Los Angeles!

2. There is a seperate bike/scooter lane alongside most roads, but always, always look both ways when crossing the street. Even if it says walk... you may get hit by a bus/taxi/scooter..etc.

3. Speaking of scooters, you can also fit anything on them: families of up to 4, large dogs, propane tanks, doors, windows and more!

4. I never believed it, but yes! Whole birds (including heads) can be dried, preserved, put in a bag and sold in your local food store.

Mom- you won't like this one...

5. Midnight runs are the most exhilarating and refreshing that I have experienced. The air has cooled for the day, and if you run alongside the biking lane it's not busy and safe!
I have learned so much from this city. There will be more updates on this later on.

This photo was taken by Jenny (who also captured bird in a bag and propane scooter) while we were in Hangzhou. I'm just obsessed with it, this picture has such great character. It was taken while shopping in the market street. Love, love it Jenny!

And finally a quick fall fashion update from the Orient: denim print legging pants, flannel shirts and flow-y, flowery tops are all the rage. The best store for all your flannel needs? UNIQLO.

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