Wednesday, November 3, 2010


I recently took a spur of the moment trip to Beijing to pursue an amazing opportunity modeling. Although I did have to make some sacrifices to go, I believe it was very much worth it. It was exactly what I needed. We had perfect chilly fall days, saw the leaves turning colors, millions of stars and watched the sun set over the Great Wall of China 2 days in a row. I learned a lot about myself, what I want to get out of my China adventure and possibly life in general.

This journey started in Shanghai and when the people I was with offered me to join them in Beijing, there was no way I could turn it down. The people I met are incredibly talented and
more generous and welcoming than I could have ever imagined. Hope to meet up with them all again someday!

Here are some quick snapshots of Beijing and what we were up to...

Outside the Forbidden City

Relaxing and thawing out at a coffee shop

Forbidden City at night

The Commune at the Great Wall (hotel where we stayed)

Sunset at the Great Wall of China- absolutely stunning!

Two thoughts of the day:

I dare you to take a risk. See what happens and soak in and learn all you can from it.

We are all meant to live an extraordinary life. Find your passion, mold it and run with it as far as you can.
(This inspiration comes from Scott Robert Lim)

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  1. Hey Tara,
    Great blog post! So glad you could join us in Beijing!