Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Shanghai Style

I have been doing some searching of Shanghai fashion blogs and finding them coming up short. Decided I will start to dedicate more of this blog towards street wear and the people here. My new big girl starting Nikon d40x camera will help me on this venture :-)

For now I have been researching upcoming trends that I expect to migrate to the East just in time for the winter season. Here is a starting list and hopefully I will be able to
capture them as they begin to appear in the 'Hai.

First let's set the stage with colors for winter. Camel, nude, black and maybe an off white or pale pink if you want to push the color scheme. Pair these colors with some metallic or bedazzled accessories and/or nail polish and you're set for any trouble you want to cause.

1. Chunky Accessories

Think bangles, large beaded necklaces and cocktail rings. Just one chunk at a time. Please.

Paired with this:
2. Sweaters

These are always a winter staple. This year they get bigger, cozier and patterned.
- Anthropologie

- this one can be found at ZARA

3. High

The higher the better this season. Thigh high boots, platforms, at least knee high layered socks if you're going boho, short skirts and hot pants to boot!

4. Tights

Yes. Like you're 5 again, thick, patterned and knit tights are perfect under the short skirts and paired with the tall boots. Or even platform black shoes if you're into that.

5. The look.

We still are in love with the drape-y thrown together look all around. Some semi-fitted boy khakis paired with a sweater (or button down shirt) that is 3 sizes to big, bangles and booties. All in the nude color palette and you are set. Don't worry too much about your hair either. Keep it down with some natural waves, messy bun or a loose braid to the side.

6. Nails

Although 6 is an unsatisfying number for me to end with, here I go. Couldn't leave behind the nail polish. As per the usual holiday colors, my favorite this year is the silver sparkle. Obsessed with this one in particular from Sephora: it's like each nail is a disco ball. No way can you afford to pass that up. Perfect for New Years party!

So there it is: winter fashion in a nutshell. By next post hope to have street fashion pics. While you look over and agree/disagree with these, ponder spring 2011 and peek at Elizabeth and James spring/summer look book.

I love it all!

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